Truck Drivers are looking for experienced Certified Medical Examiners in your area

Subscribing to CME Directory opens a world of opportunities

Many of the CMEs in FMCSA registry are no longer in business, moved to another practice, or they no longer provide the service to truckers. For this reason, Healthy Trucking of America (HTA) created the CMEDirectory to notify drivers of licensed practicing CMEs in their area and for drivers they can rest assured the CME is experienced and familiar with the examination and documentation process.

For over 25 years, HTA has been helping drivers with preparation for their examinations and documenting their treatments.  We have accumulated a large database of Fleets and Drivers that are local to you and are in need of an experienced Medical Examiner.

The programs we provide are meant to get you appointments with drivers and relationships with fleets in your area.  Let them know your here and available to assist them.  We seek to increase your visibility and bottom line and create safer highways.

A team of marketing specialists develop and implement quarterly marketing plans to raise awareness to your practice.  This requires minimal time from you or your staff. We have three different packages available.  Each is detailed below.

You can get on cme directory a number of ways

FREE Listing: $0.00

  • Just lookup yourself and click “Claim my Listing” then choose the FREE Listing
  • Update the existing listing with corrected or additional information.
  • Your practice will be mentioned in monthly newsletters and social media post targeting the trucking community. 
  • Full Endorsement by Healthy Trucking of America, Inc. 

Featured Listing: $240 per year ($20 per month)

12 month commitment 

  1. Full endorsement from Healthy Trucking of America
  2. An inhouse team of professionals develop a custom marketing plan featuring your practice.
  3. Local audience size is determined from our existing database filled with millions of records.
  4. Suggestions for gathering analytics will be made for your website and social media pages.
  5. Your practice listing on the CMEDirectory will be enhanced and correctly configured for marketing campaigns.
  6. Email and Newsletter inserts will be created and once approved launched in your local area to your audience every month.
  7. You get 1 SMS campaign and 1 posting each week on social media

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